Jumbo Size Insulating Glass Line


Model ZC27/70  ZC30/70
Min Size 300x500mm
Max Size 2700x7000mm  3000x7000mm          
Glass Thickness 3-18mm (Options 5-28mm)
IG Thickness <56mm  (Options 75mm)
Washing Speed 1-10m/min
Transport Speed 1-50m/min
Transport Height 550-650mm
Power Supply ≈95kw
IG Types Double/Triple Units
Options Automatic Gas-filling

Glass Washer Quality: Sand and carbon filters with soft coat low-e brushes ensure the glass is clean and scratch free. Air knives ensure the glass is dry.
Inspection and spacer placement conveyor panel special treatment, convenience for glass inspection.
Pressing Quality: Ensures excellent sealant adhesion and pressed to overall unit thickness with tight tolerances, optional gas filling with initial percentages 90%.