Equipment FAQ

  • Uneven mixing

    1, whether the pressure of vinyl and white rubber is balanced: the pressure of white rubber pump is about 0.4Mpa, and the pressure of black rubber pump can not be lower than 0.6Mpa;

    2, check whether the black and white ratio of the proportional pump is about 1:10;

    3, check whether the mixer is installed correctly and cleaned;

    4, check whether the parameters of the vinyl intelligent pressure gauge are normal;

    5, check the vinyl pneumatic switch and solenoid valve operation is normal;

    6, check whether the pneumatic switch fixed block is blocked;

    7, check whether the vinyl, white rubber pneumatic switch is blocked.

  • Unable to gel

    1, check whether the air source is between 0.6 and 0.8Mpa;

    2. Check whether the seal is not in use in the edit function menu on the touch screen;

    3, check whether the pneumatic switch is blocked;

    4, check whether the black and white rubber pneumatic switch and solenoid valve are normal;

    5, check whether the intelligent pressure gauge on the proportional pump alarms, the range is 7-35Mpa;

    6, check whether there is pressure in the hydraulic station, if there is no pressure: 1) clean the proportional relief valve 2) Check whether the proportional controller is energized or loose;

    7, whether white glue can be produced during cleaning, if not, check whether the 313 hose and rotary joint are blocked;

    8. Check whether a set of proportional pump lower limit sensor IB233 has a signal, and check whether two sets of proportional pump IB407 has a signal;

    9. Manually check whether the scanner value is normal.

  • Scraper alarm

    1. Check whether the position of the IB23D sensor is correct and the line is damaged.

    2, whether the air source pressure is between 0.6 and 0.8Mpa;

    3, whether the cylinder support rod has glue;

    4. Whether the linear bearing of the cylinder support rod is damaged;

    5, whether the cylinder block is damaged;

    6, whether the scraper is too close to the rubber nozzle.

  • Servo driver alarm

    1. The A810 needs to be reset onsite.

    2, AC90 check whether the servo control line from the servo controller to the servo motor is intact;

    3, A910, A710 overload, check whether there is resistance between the servo motor and the connection: whether the manual rotary reducer can rotate;

    4, AE60 controller and PLC connection line communication failure, reinsert the servo controller end and PLC end USB connection line;

    5, A950 Check whether the power cord connected between the servo controller and the servo motor is normal.

  • Attention

    1, when entering the glass thickness, pay attention to the correct value input;

    2, the equipment power failure time can not exceed 15 days;

    3, the encoder cable with battery can not be inserted and removed, otherwise the servo controller will report A810, and the manufacturer needs to reset to the factory.